Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Freedom of Religion

1. There is doubt & debate within the Hindu community, about the conversion enterprise of the Christian Missionaries. Concepts of freedom of religion, civil liberties, and constitutional rights are all under review. These are not remote or abstract concepts, they outline practical problems & the challenges that we Hindus face. We Hindus desire to live in peace with Non-Hindus, even though we & our Hinduism are reviled daily by Non-Hindu religions & dressed down by our Phoney-Liberal politicians. Phony-Liberal politicians claim to be secular, but they are really not secular, they are pseudo-secular & beggars of vote & power. That is why they practice the game of vote-bank politics.

2. What exactly is the freedom of religion ? Freedom of religion implies not only the freedom to practice one's own religion, but the duty to respect the freedom of all other people, to practice their own faiths. When any group breaks this rule, it sets in motion a whole set of un-dignified & unsavory consequences. Organized religions, such as Islam & Christianity ( Note: Islam & Christianity are really not religions, they are ideologies ), have become totally oblivious & indifferent to this basic rule of freedom. This is due to, their ideology of expansion, as a result of which they are strongly committed to seek power & influence, to enable them to control things in the world. Because of this expansion-objective, religion to organized religions has become an industry, a big business enterprise rather than a vocation, and like all big businesses, is driven by profit-motive. Acquisition of X number of converts means that much more new wealth, that much more profit. Harvesting of souls ( a term used by the Pope ) means harvesting of profit, and increase in the number of followers of Christianity ( likewise Islam ). That is why they are always looking for fresh pastures.

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