Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Sikhs and 1947

The Eyewitness. On this point, the witness Niranjan Singh, a Sikh, testified. Singh, a few weeks ago a prosperous merchant in the Montgomery district of the Punjab, now moves about New Delhi on crutches. He said:
"I shall never rest until revenge is taken upon the Moslems for all the wicked atrocities they have perpetrated upon innocent people. Moslems killed my old father, abducted my young daughter, slew my son and maimed my foot. No mercy whatsoever should be shown to them. I've always treated my Moslem laborers with kindness but the dirty swine have repaid me with brutality.
"I smelled trouble in my village when Moslems began gathering at the mosque every day for long conferences. One morning Moslems from all neighboring areas gathered around our village and attacked it. But although we were outnumbered, we held them for eight hours. We had only our kirpans [swords] and a few old rifles. They had modern weapons. When finally they broke through, there was not one among us who had not sustained some injury or other. The brutes killed my 90-year-old father and when my young son rushed to his defense, they speared him to death. I had been injured on my forehead and gushing blood had made me partly blind. A young, cowardly Moslem attacked me from behind with a hatchet, injuring my foot. Before I fell and fainted, I saw some Moslems carrying away my 16-year-old daughter, who put up stiff resistance.

Jinnah is far too easy a villain: conceivably an obsessed child of Mohamed conceivably a man seized in his declining years by that most dangerous form of satyriasis which longs for naked power alone, Jinnah has beyond question done more than any other man in India to exacerbate the sores of communalism and to tease and torment their rawness; and this purely to secure his nation, and a torn body for India.

Tara Singh gave this grisly forecast an algebraic twist. He pointed out that fleeing Sikhs (who are richer) had left six million acres of land, while an equal number of fleeing Moslems had left only two million acres. His proposal: drive enough Moslems from their farms to balance the property exchange.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Joshua Project in India

The Joshua project is a US project backed by the CIA to identify groups of peoples unreached by the Gospel. It was established in 1989 and it first major "field trial" was in North India below is an extract from the book "The Armies of God a study of militant Christianity by Ian Buchanan (Citizens International)

"......Northern India was considered by the AD2000 organizers to be a key region for attention. It was where modern evangelism began, with William Carey,some 200 years ago. But it has immense significance today as one of the most poverty stricken parts of India (the Hindi speaking belt has a literacy rate of jut 30%, and an infant mortality rate double the national) It also the heartland of also has the smallest christian population in all of India just 0.5%.

The structure included World Vision Gospel for Asia US government agencies and unwitting local partners, like the Indian Missions association the Indian Postal Service, Indian Immigration Department.....the three acronyms to describe the strategy are:

1. PLUG People in every Language,Urban centre,Geographic division;
2. PREM Prayer Research, Evangelisation,and Mobilization
3. NICE Networking;Initiative;use Evangelists to spur existing Cohorts in an effort . to convert.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Overseas Friends of India UK 16/7/11 meet

Overseas Friends of BJP meeting in London I attended, there was great warmth between UK Friends of BJP and excellent speechs were made of the way to advance Bharat by the BJP President. I meet with many dignitaries from Bharat. The views of this blog are my own opinions and have no connection with BJP official policy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wests Attack on Hindus by 6 Apps

I entirely agree with your feelings about treatment given to Hindus, their culture, traditions as well as and their temples by the powers that be. And in spite of the fact that they form majority in Bhaarat.
Kindly refer to the book "Civilization: The West and The Rest" written by the Harvard historian, Shri Niall Ferguson. He mentions the six 'killer' applications (to State Craft) patented by The West since last 600 years and offered to the rest (other communities & civilizations). He shows in his thick book that West has killed all other civilizations and made those communities accept West thoroughly, because of the quality of the West Civilization. I have written an article "Applications Offered by The West" based on whatever material on the book was available to me. I have compared West with The Bhaarateey culture and philosophy to show that these six applications are in fact Killers of the communities as well as the cultures of the communities. But Bhaarateey culture is made up of sterner stuff to overcome the assault by the West. Currently because of the primacy given by The West to Money and physical enjoyment of man, the stage appears to have come for its own demise.The six applications mentioned by Shri Ferguson are Competition, Modern Science, Rule of Law and Property Rights, Work Ethics, Modern Medicine and Consumerism.
Laws which were given by Dharm were denied by the State and initiated its own laws passed by the legislators. They were in writing therefore susceptible to (mis)interpretation to suit the objectives of the lawyers. The judges were barred from considering anything else except the aspects (of the cases) brought before them by the lawyers. With these two specialties and limitations in the dispensation of the laws became complicated resulting in deterioration of the relationships in the communities. That is the reason Mahatma Gandhi had said in his book 'Hind-Swaraaj' written in 1908 that the profession of Lawyers has been promulgated by the British to destroy the mutual faith in Bhaarateey people's minds. This is what is being manifested now.
What we are seeing in the culmination of plan devised and continuously unfolded over the sixty odd years to denigrate Hindu faith in the country. A way to install the unity amongst Bhaarateey people has been suggested in the article "A Vedic Response to Terrorism" written by me (along with Dr Leffler of USA) a couple of years back. Recently it has been published in new version under the title "Invincible Defence Technology" by 'Indian Defence Consultants'

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ideas for a Hindu Raj

remove this govt urgently by hindu unity force. hindus must prsuade some borderline desh drohi party to divorce this govt n topple it on this very serious hindu killer issue.
get hindus all their religious rights
1- hindu men woman should get arms to carry like thier devi devtacarried.
2-some hindus must be given devi devta status by hindu dharma sansad . they will hv killer weapons and atuority to kill the veil on the spot.
this will make the bharat crime free.
3- hindus must get free shiksha to any level in gurukul paddhatti. hindu girls n boys must stay not in malls but in gurukuls up to minimum 25 years of age in brham charya ashram
4-hindus must get yog shalas, dhyan yog shala , dharm shala n gaushala free of cost.
5- hindus must get free sanskaar service . pundits must be paid by govt n should get all havan samgri from govt expenses n other facilities such as bhajn mandli , decoration , furniture , prasad distribution etc
6- garbhdan , nam karan sanskar to antyeshti sanskaar is hindu relious right n it should be given to each hindu fom govt.
7- hindus must be given free ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of sickness.
8 hindus must get gau milk free or low cost at least half liter per person per day other religions must be banned from these facilities because these are not in their religions.
vhp n all hindu organisations must unite hindus and get all these n more religious rights of hindus.
otherwise topple this govts n bring a full majority national govt which can restore hindu religious rights straight away.
foreign religions must get only those rights in india which hindus get in foreign religion coutry. for example muslims sgoud get only those rights which hindus get saudi arabia
n christians only those rights which hinuds get in rome. i.e at par