Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wests Attack on Hindus by 6 Apps

I entirely agree with your feelings about treatment given to Hindus, their culture, traditions as well as and their temples by the powers that be. And in spite of the fact that they form majority in Bhaarat.
Kindly refer to the book "Civilization: The West and The Rest" written by the Harvard historian, Shri Niall Ferguson. He mentions the six 'killer' applications (to State Craft) patented by The West since last 600 years and offered to the rest (other communities & civilizations). He shows in his thick book that West has killed all other civilizations and made those communities accept West thoroughly, because of the quality of the West Civilization. I have written an article "Applications Offered by The West" based on whatever material on the book was available to me. I have compared West with The Bhaarateey culture and philosophy to show that these six applications are in fact Killers of the communities as well as the cultures of the communities. But Bhaarateey culture is made up of sterner stuff to overcome the assault by the West. Currently because of the primacy given by The West to Money and physical enjoyment of man, the stage appears to have come for its own demise.The six applications mentioned by Shri Ferguson are Competition, Modern Science, Rule of Law and Property Rights, Work Ethics, Modern Medicine and Consumerism.
Laws which were given by Dharm were denied by the State and initiated its own laws passed by the legislators. They were in writing therefore susceptible to (mis)interpretation to suit the objectives of the lawyers. The judges were barred from considering anything else except the aspects (of the cases) brought before them by the lawyers. With these two specialties and limitations in the dispensation of the laws became complicated resulting in deterioration of the relationships in the communities. That is the reason Mahatma Gandhi had said in his book 'Hind-Swaraaj' written in 1908 that the profession of Lawyers has been promulgated by the British to destroy the mutual faith in Bhaarateey people's minds. This is what is being manifested now.
What we are seeing in the culmination of plan devised and continuously unfolded over the sixty odd years to denigrate Hindu faith in the country. A way to install the unity amongst Bhaarateey people has been suggested in the article "A Vedic Response to Terrorism" written by me (along with Dr Leffler of USA) a couple of years back. Recently it has been published in new version under the title "Invincible Defence Technology" by 'Indian Defence Consultants'

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