Thursday, September 3, 2015

The BBC and an anti Hindu History

I feel uneasy whenever the BBC decides to broadcast programs on Ancient India, two recent broadcasts reflect the general anti Hindu bias built into the BBC. Firstly  "Genius of the Ancient World by Bettany Hughes on the Buddha and "Treasures of the Indus" with Dr Sona Datta on the History of Pakistan. Both avoid talking of the influence of the Sarasvati civilization which dates some 9000 years ago. I would use the term Aryan but that has problems with Europeans since WWII. Bettany does a whole episode on the Buddha without discussing the Hindu culture which produced the Buddha, though plenty Hindu imagery was used. Dr Datta goes on to extol the virtues of the Buddha (him again) Greece and Islam in the 5000 year history of "Pakistan". No mention of the Mahabharat Vedas Sarawati or Aryans (Hindus). I made a similar point to Dr Miles Russell, Senior Lecturer In Archaeology at Bournemouth University, on his article about the Swastika for the BBC Magazine, he replied, he wasn't given the space, and suggested that I write to the BBC myself. I am very tempted to do just that