Monday, July 11, 2011

Ideas for a Hindu Raj

remove this govt urgently by hindu unity force. hindus must prsuade some borderline desh drohi party to divorce this govt n topple it on this very serious hindu killer issue.
get hindus all their religious rights
1- hindu men woman should get arms to carry like thier devi devtacarried.
2-some hindus must be given devi devta status by hindu dharma sansad . they will hv killer weapons and atuority to kill the veil on the spot.
this will make the bharat crime free.
3- hindus must get free shiksha to any level in gurukul paddhatti. hindu girls n boys must stay not in malls but in gurukuls up to minimum 25 years of age in brham charya ashram
4-hindus must get yog shalas, dhyan yog shala , dharm shala n gaushala free of cost.
5- hindus must get free sanskaar service . pundits must be paid by govt n should get all havan samgri from govt expenses n other facilities such as bhajn mandli , decoration , furniture , prasad distribution etc
6- garbhdan , nam karan sanskar to antyeshti sanskaar is hindu relious right n it should be given to each hindu fom govt.
7- hindus must be given free ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of sickness.
8 hindus must get gau milk free or low cost at least half liter per person per day other religions must be banned from these facilities because these are not in their religions.
vhp n all hindu organisations must unite hindus and get all these n more religious rights of hindus.
otherwise topple this govts n bring a full majority national govt which can restore hindu religious rights straight away.
foreign religions must get only those rights in india which hindus get in foreign religion coutry. for example muslims sgoud get only those rights which hindus get saudi arabia
n christians only those rights which hinuds get in rome. i.e at par

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