Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Panic and be dammed

अप्रतीकारेषु व्यसनेष्वनादरो न कर्तव्यः॥२५२॥
याते समुद्रेऽपि हि पोतभङ्गे सांयात्रिको वाञ्जति तर्त्तुमेव॥

apratīkāreṣu vyasaneṣvanādaro na kartavyaḥ||252||
||yāte samudre'pi hi potabhaṅge sāṁyātriko vāñjati tarttumeva||

Yet another sage advice from Chanakya
Even on the face of unbearable grief one should not lose his composure and relax his vigil.
As an illustration, it is said....if one has gone into the rough seas and the vessel is broken and gobbled up by the rough waves, still the sailor thinks of only reaching the shore by swimming or holding on to a floating log.

Whatever may be our conditions in life, our survival hinges on our grit... the refusal to give up at any cost. If a battle is lost in our mind, we can never win it in the field. We have to just proceed ahead because we are sure to find at least a little light at the farthest corner of the labyrinth. Once the mind and spirit give way to sorrow, we are defeated even before we take the first step in the rescue operation. History of humanity bear testimony to the ultimate success and happiness for the person with grit.. Take the case of Rama and Sita, the Pandavas, Nala and Damayanthi, Harischandra.. and in modern times the victory against nepotism and colonialism fought by the people of France, United States, our own India under the Mahatma, the wars fought by Churchill and Nelson and the movements of Castro and che Guevara ... True grit alone prevailed. And remember, the basic human nature is to panic when we are faced with adversities but we have no other choice other than make our mind as hard as steel and go and face the situation.

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