Monday, June 27, 2011

Ways to destroy Hindus

Textbooks teaching Secular Marxisim is objected by the Kerela church, this is a very important trend. Secular-Marxism is ONLY AN INTERIM STAGE in the thought pattern. Stage-1 is to de-Hinduize using secularism. But once Christianity (or Islam) in a certain location are sufficiently strong they will overthrow secular-Marxism as anti-religion. A good example is the last Hindu country to fall, Nepal it followed this pattern. Hindus are confused by SECULARISM which was solely designed against abuses by the Catholic Church in Europe ,but this then is applied in India to Hindu Dharama ( which is not a religion). Another example is Baba Ramdev his anti corruption fight is Dharmic the corrupt politicians are secular and they have no moral nor dharmic boundaries

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