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Hindus and Sikhs Unite

Monday, September 18, 2006

RE: Rashtrya Sikh Sangat on VANDE MATRAM – Part I

To: Respected Prime Minister Sri Man Mohan Singh, & Respected Members of Parliament, News Media, Intelligentsia & Friends around the world:

An unholy alliance, anti-national, appears to be taking place; Indian Muslims and Sikhs are (unfairly) singing in unison: We object to Vande-Matram, the national song.
Please don't forget: our Bhagat Singh Shahid. I am sure, dear Sikh brothers, he stands ten feet taller, a better Sikh than we all. Bhagat Singh sang this patriotic song, rankling the Imperial British administration of India. This happened in my lifetime. Bhagat Singh is not alone. Kavasheer, Sampuran Singh (of Punjab), Bhai Dyal Das, Haqikat Rai (the Sikh Bahadur), Baba Dip Singh Bahadur, Baba Gurbaksh Singh, Baba Ram Singh Bedi, Baba Ram Singh Kuka, Baba Trilochan Singh (I could keep citing more names) happily roared Vande-Matram. This made our enemy more nervous.

Finally by 1942-47, enemy was so nervous, decided to quit India, and India got independence, thanks to our united and patriotic singing of Vande-Matram.

There is no Sikh religious objection; Bhagat Singh as well as Baba Deep Singh made it very clear; all Sikhs are not Akali; Mona Sikhs (even when they follow the ten Gurus 100%) continue to stress that we Sikhs are a Hindu sect, - that we are loyal to Hinduism (also called Bharat-Mata).

I have been to Iran; Iranian Muslim youth were singing Madre - Watan. Now give me your reply. In Farsi language, Madre-Watan, the mother land is worth bowing to (our parents, as per Vedic culture, Iranian culture included, bow unhesitantly to our mother land and pledge to defend it from the external enemies.

The Egyptian case comes to mind. The Arab Islam was trying to defeat the Egyptian patriotism (Egyptian Coptics, the defenders sang Mother Egypt). The Arab attackers were very savage and barbaric. They threw up the Coptic babies in the air, catching them on their spears on the rebound. These babies were thus threaded on to the sharp-edged spears with instant death. Why so much cruelty on the innocent children? IS THIS YOUR WAY OF EXPLAINING ISLAM THE PEACEFUL RELIGION!

Jehad: You tell the Kafirs, you have no right to be Hindu or Sikh or Farsi Zardushti: “Convert to Islam instantly or be beheaded.” Is this the peaceful Islam or the live and let live coexistence?

With Jihad as Islamic tenet, it gives Islam the liberty to become Al-Caponic (an American Mafia, Chicago gangster) gangster, terrorizing the Hindu or Christian neighbor. Who can give you this right in a non-Muslim country, like USA? Jehad is totally unacceptable in any modern nation. It should not be legal even in Muslim majority countries. The non-Muslims have the right to practice their religion peacefully unchallenged; This is the UNO. World Charter... no religious persecution just because we are non-Muslims.

Every year, Pakistan has a case, a Christian youth is about to be lynched. No modern country in the world should terrorize its minority and the Muslim majority must let their non-Muslim minority practice their religion as first class citizen.

The Muslim practice is to the contrary: In Malaysia and Bangladesh, Hindu temples are being systematically destroyed, not the adjacent mosques. We tell such Jehadis: Stop terrorizing the peaceful Buddhists or Hindus or else stop claiming yourself to be "A Peaceful Islam."

Islam spread in the world through sword and cruelty, not through peace. Islam suppressed the conquered Buddhists (the whole Central Asia later called Turkistan) savagely.

In India, Islam fights not to let Hindus revive their Ram temple, but in reverse, totally unrepentant that Islam destroyed 3,000 temples and forcibly made these into mosques (why do you claim Islam means Peace and Shalom?).

You staged a (forced) game on the Buddhists..... two circles, inner and outer. The inner circle is of Buddhists, they must keep circling, dancing, even if they are tired. If and when they give up, they move to outer circle, which indicates: O.K. I am converting willy-nilly to Islam. All this time, the inner circle was being flogged by the Muslim Jehadis. In Egypt, the Coptics were unallowed to speak Coptic language. Arab language came as an outside imposition by the Arab invaders. Neither by language nor by blood, the Egyptian are Arab per se.

Now you moved into Iran and the terror finished the Zurdushti religion & culture. The Iranian police beat the native girl, if not in burqa. In Turkey however, Kamal Pasha encouraged the dropping of Arabic language or culture. You can see unveiled lady engineer, a pilot, an attorney or a judge. Now the world scholars are predicting - you are extending the game of denationalizing on the Western world. This means, Islam is not a religion, it is Arabic imperialism, political as well as socio-culturally. Europe or USA may wake up but it might be too late, as was the case with many others. Spain recovered - just in time.

Well, back to our Sikh saint Baba Faqir Chand of Sialkot district (pre-partitioned Punjab, his village named Kotli Faqir Chand. Tradition credits Baba Faqir Chand with possessions of miraculous powers, hence venerated by the public.

Later, his son, Ram Singh Bedi would rise to the same level of veneration. The villain in this history, Shahanchi Khan was cruel in contrast, having a persistent habit of savage cruelty towards peaceful Sikhs and Hindus of Sialkot area. He would go to Hindus & Sikhs homes, his goons promptly beheaded the males and kidnapped the women and girls for rape and for sale as slave (in Kabul market). The freshly cut Hindu/Sikh heads were placed on hot griddles (the beads would dance thus on the griddle).

After the old father Faqir Chand’s martydom, Baba Ram Singh started the counterattack, to make the cruel Shahanchi Khan stop this barbaric savagery. Both sides grew large; Khan’s army up to 30,000 Jehadis and the patriotic defense up to 8,000 volunteers. To make it in brief, despite heavy odds, the patriots won the day; Shahanchi Khan got killed while fighting and non-Muslims heaved a sigh of relief. We can ascertain this piece of history (BOOK: History of Punjab: Author Mohammed Latif, the historian).

Peaceful Nanak Dev (1439-1533) heart bled at the thought of mass scale Muslim savagery in India. Says he: “The age of sword and rules are butches Muslim virtue had taken wings and fled the dark night of Amavas has enveloped the moon of Truth and Justice and Indians look for fair men and coexistence in vain.”

CONCLUSION: There is nothing wrong with Vande Matram, India’s sacred slogan. WE MUST LEARN NOW: “UNITED WE STAND TOGETHER– DIVIDED WE FALL.”

This article is dedicated by Dr. Lalsingh Sardana, Houston, Texas, USA. All replies must be addressed to: Rashtrya Sikh Sangat 4114 Graymercy, Houston, Texas 77025 , USA

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Arya Putra Dr. Lalsingh Sardana Zindabad. Kripaya mera naman sweekar kare.
Garv hai mujhe Aap pe.
Aryan Religions= Hinduism,Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism,Zoroastrianism