Thursday, March 6, 2014

Iraq was not a Good War, Arab Spring

My letter Published Sunday Times UK 18/9/11

The Editor Sunday Times

"Professor Collen Graffy  (News Review 11/9/11) is mistaken in claiming that Iraq was a good war for one it achieved nothing apart from mass killings, also it was the wrong war after 9/11 and President Bush Jnr wanted to finish where his father had left off . The Arab Spring I believe has no connection with Iraq but more with the Wiki leaks revelations and social media combined, which brought people into the street, if anything, the revelations of US support for Arab dictators could be the true reason for their early demise, the West  now has to wait and see how far the Islamist will take over creating a new problem rather than solving the old one."

note on India
India is some way off for an "Arab spring" type revolt as the internet penetration and hence social media has not matured. Hence elections have to be fought in the villages not social media.

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