Friday, July 25, 2014

Anti Hindu agenda cloaked as academic study funded by AHRC UK

Two European universities are being funded by AHRC UK to building a network of scholars to organise a series of workshops and conferences across the world to facilitate the study of dalit literature. 

AHRC UK have funded the following Dalit projects

These types of projects will result in

1. Dividing Hindus as Dalits Vs non Dalits creating conflict

2. An attempt to introduce dalit literature (their version) into university syllabus

3.Glamorising "Unaccountability","Dalit", "Human Rights" words internationally to malign India's that Hindus  feel inferior about own great culture and allows to  position their own interest (business/social,etc) 

4. Destroying true Indian history and re-writing world's history books & literature as per western interests

Most Importantly

Brainwashing young Indians with distorted history books/literatures, so that a complete confused generation will be created in future with Western Slave mentality!...This will maintain their Control/authority over the world even though their population is shrinking very fast.....Ultimately, enabling continued exploitation of the world's natural and human resources for western benefit.

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