Saturday, February 4, 2017


Man's error is to depend on unreal objects.  "I cannot live without these things that arise and later perish" it is his main error. He (Self) being visibly and veritably a part of Paramatma (God) is real and unchanging (without any modification).   All the things that are in this world are unreal and changing.    
"Nasato Vidhyate Bhaavo,  Naabhaavo Vidhyate satah |"  (Gita 2/16)
"The unreal has no existence, and the real never ceases to be"   (Gita 2/16)

In Life -  the body, its abilities, it's companions, time, places, circumstances etc, are unreal but I (Self) is the same That which changes is "unreal" while the unchanging 'Self' that remains the same is "real". The Self, though being "real" (imperishable, eternal), believes itself to be dependent on the "unreal" (perishable).  The 'Self' thinks it cannot manage without the 'unreal' (the body, mind, family, friends, money, possessions etc). a mistake. 

The "Self"  thinks that without the body, Without money without a family without a house, without clothes without food-water I cannot survive -  all these are UNREAL dependencies the perishable, the transient.  has no independent existence.   that which does not have an independent existence.  That which depends on something;  constantly moves towards destruction;  that which is perishing all the time; that which is constantly moving towards non-existence.  Though the Self being real, it takes the support of the unreal, and it becomes dependent on the unreal, and even in that dependent state, it thinks that it is independence - this is the main flaw.  

This is a great misfortune that you regard your dependence as independence.  There is no greater ERROR than this assumption.   All such as, injustice, lying, cheating, and also hell etc.,  are the result of this dependence.  Now think! Is money "Self" (Swayam)  or is it "foreign" (par, not part of Self)?  Is there independence when there is dependence on money? It is a great misfortune that though being dependent, you feel you are independent.  You assume that if you had money then you would immediately take the train, fly oversees, buy so and so things. This is dependence on money.   It is clearly evident, that without money you cannot get things, then when will you become independent?  You will become independent, when you will have no need for anything at all; when you do not need food-water, nor clothes.  When will this happen?  It will happen, when you feel you are separate from the body.       
       from "Kalyaankari Pravachan"  in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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