Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Christian Problem

All religions came out from Aryavrat (India) more than 10000years ago. Islam is centered around the Hindu God SHIV and the crescent moon rituls.Today the Christians face secularism as its opponent but if they return to their true "scientific roots" of Hindu Dharma many Biblical stories make sense. May be Jesus did or did not go to India but Aryans/Hindus came to Europe all the way to Ireland(EIRA=ARYA) in pre-Christian era. Once the terrible Roman empire Christianised they set about brutal killing and conversion of all Pagans or Aryans through out Europe. Many Pagan rituals were adopted by Christians and NOT just from JESUS. He descended to earth in Human form (Krishna)
The Bible has its roots in the Vedas. The problem is Xians have simplified "religion"(not deliberately but by ignorance) for the masses and when the scientists came along they were lost for answers apart from "Jesus we will save you etc" .The one book The Bible is not enough to explain God only one book! The 1000's of Vedic scriptures do not proclaim to know God but give guidance on how to attain God. My two current Xian rituals are exchange of wedding ring in the Church, I call this SITA'S ring as it is from Ramayan this ritual was started, also "tie the Knot" in church an English saying this is from Hindu wedding ceremony where the knot IS tied. Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden is an Upanishadic story which has high philosophical meaning all but lost in the Bible. ADAM= ATMA (soul) EVE=JIVE(live). A conversation where the relationship between the soul and human life are expounded. Others gods A-BRAHMA =ABRAHAM and his wife SARASWATI = SARA and it goes on. Vedic Aryans/Hindus gave the world concepts of TIME MATH LANGUAGE. Also English is an Indian language example MAN from MANU or IGNITE from AGNI God of Fire. Unfortunately for Hindus the Xians invaded Bharat and its true history (ITTIHAS) is lost today.

GOD can only be attained via SANSKRIT and Vedas

here's hoping the scientists will also get there soon

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