Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ideas for the future of Bharat

Bharatham is moving like a headless chicken with no strong leadership neither at top level nor at the secondary levels, may be no where.  It is Ishwar’s Blessings only that Bharatham moves on with its abundant KNOWLEDGE / INTELLIGENCE RESOURCES WITHOUT A PROPER KSHAKTHRIYA ADMINISTRATION.  It is high time that TRUE VISIONARY BHARATHEEYANS in Bharatham (Sanatana Dharma followers, which is the 3rd largest COMMUNITY in the world) shakes off its last 1000 years’ past of slavery and took charge of the total affairs, declaring the nation’s affinity and loyalty to its VEDIC ROOTS / SANATANA DHARMA PRINCIPLES AND TRADITIONS.
We have to do away with the entire constitution and model a new one with DHARMIC PRINCIPLES as its guiding light.  American/Australian/British Laws which compares with Sanatana Dharma Principles and Traditions could be adopted, with Panchanyat level COMMUNITY administration made practically supreme, with lots of transparency in the administration at local/state/national level. The new generations have to be made aware of the true values of Bharatheeya culture and traditions, and the eternal validity of VEDIC WISDOM. Castes should be banned and only the denomination “Bharatheeyan” should remain. Education should preferably be nationalized so that missionery controlled damaging education is out of the system, and free up to graduation level for all and merit should be the basis for advancement in studies.  2 year compulsory military training during the education period preferably at pre-degree levels in order to instill discipline and love for the country.  Proper production and distribution set up is established so that basic food items reach all the segment of the population.
It is not an Utopian dream, but practical, provided we have about 1000 patriotic DEDICATED leaders (of Shri Narendra Modi level – please do not expect 100% acceptance from all for such leaders), who can really carry the entire responsibility of country management, to see the planning and execution through to the field level accomplishments. 
So many things come to mind, while I imagine and visualize the future of India.
Hope, there is a turn-around for Bharatham from the clutches of Pseudo-secularists and foreign skin coloureds

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