Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ideas for the future of Bharat

Bharatham is moving like a headless chicken with no strong leadership neither at top level nor at the secondary levels, may be no where.  It is Ishwar’s Blessings only that Bharatham moves on with its abundant KNOWLEDGE / INTELLIGENCE RESOURCES WITHOUT A PROPER KSHAKTHRIYA ADMINISTRATION.  It is high time that TRUE VISIONARY BHARATHEEYANS in Bharatham (Sanatana Dharma followers, which is the 3rd largest COMMUNITY in the world) shakes off its last 1000 years’ past of slavery and took charge of the total affairs, declaring the nation’s affinity and loyalty to its VEDIC ROOTS / SANATANA DHARMA PRINCIPLES AND TRADITIONS.
We have to do away with the entire constitution and model a new one with DHARMIC PRINCIPLES as its guiding light.  American/Australian/British Laws which compares with Sanatana Dharma Principles and Traditions could be adopted, with Panchanyat level COMMUNITY administration made practically supreme, with lots of transparency in the administration at local/state/national level. The new generations have to be made aware of the true values of Bharatheeya culture and traditions, and the eternal validity of VEDIC WISDOM. Castes should be banned and only the denomination “Bharatheeyan” should remain. Education should preferably be nationalized so that missionery controlled damaging education is out of the system, and free up to graduation level for all and merit should be the basis for advancement in studies.  2 year compulsory military training during the education period preferably at pre-degree levels in order to instill discipline and love for the country.  Proper production and distribution set up is established so that basic food items reach all the segment of the population.
It is not an Utopian dream, but practical, provided we have about 1000 patriotic DEDICATED leaders (of Shri Narendra Modi level – please do not expect 100% acceptance from all for such leaders), who can really carry the entire responsibility of country management, to see the planning and execution through to the field level accomplishments. 
So many things come to mind, while I imagine and visualize the future of India.
Hope, there is a turn-around for Bharatham from the clutches of Pseudo-secularists and foreign skin coloureds

Monday, September 15, 2008

Christian Agenda for India


Evangelical Christian organizations advertise under the heading of Human Rights, Dalit Organizations, Solidarity movements of the oppressed, Environmental Protection groups and social service agencies. Their goal is to mentally misdirect Hindus, to fabricate false reality, erase memory, and soften them for “thought implant”.Pamphleteering and false advertisement of evangelist Christians are on the increase. There is an upsurge in Christian pamphlets being distributed at Hindu festivals, temples and sacred places of pilgrimage. Missionary groups aggressively distribute Christian publications to denigrate Hindu deities atSabarimala, Thirupathi, Guruvayoor, Ujjain, Benares, Palani, Uduppi, and at Sivagiri where Hindus congregate in large numbers.In addition, missionary groups employ scare tactics, intimidation and violence to discourage and prevent Hindus from organizing protest against deceptive conversion tactics. Evangelical missionary groups engage in a variety of relatively benign deceptions intent to leave secular Hindus with a more positive impression on them. The real purpose for engaging in hidden agenda power plays is conversion of innocent Hindus. Hidden agendas, psycho programming and mind manipulation techniques are used to entice unsuspecting Hindus. The secret they keep from others and the camouflage they use to disguise their true intentions has dangerous consequences for Hindu society. Beneath the polished exterior of Christian educational institutions lies a burgeoning political and cultural war machine that strikes at the traditional spiritual values of India.

Monday, September 8, 2008

About me

I was born in colonial Kenya in a Hindu family  grew up under the British. Aged 10 I spent  one year in India before coming to the UK in 1970. This was a brutal experience growing up in racist society. With a European education and having some knowledge of India and Hindu culture what was presented as western civilization never quite fitted wellwith me. On first learning that English was a Indo-European language and later maths is of Arabic origin sent me on a road to rediscover my Hindu and vedic roots and the reasons why today the West in total denial of its true Aryan origins.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Christian Problem

All religions came out from Aryavrat (India) more than 10000years ago. Islam is centered around the Hindu God SHIV and the crescent moon rituls.Today the Christians face secularism as its opponent but if they return to their true "scientific roots" of Hindu Dharma many Biblical stories make sense. May be Jesus did or did not go to India but Aryans/Hindus came to Europe all the way to Ireland(EIRA=ARYA) in pre-Christian era. Once the terrible Roman empire Christianised they set about brutal killing and conversion of all Pagans or Aryans through out Europe. Many Pagan rituals were adopted by Christians and NOT just from JESUS. He descended to earth in Human form (Krishna)
The Bible has its roots in the Vedas. The problem is Xians have simplified "religion"(not deliberately but by ignorance) for the masses and when the scientists came along they were lost for answers apart from "Jesus we will save you etc" .The one book The Bible is not enough to explain God only one book! The 1000's of Vedic scriptures do not proclaim to know God but give guidance on how to attain God. My two current Xian rituals are exchange of wedding ring in the Church, I call this SITA'S ring as it is from Ramayan this ritual was started, also "tie the Knot" in church an English saying this is from Hindu wedding ceremony where the knot IS tied. Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden is an Upanishadic story which has high philosophical meaning all but lost in the Bible. ADAM= ATMA (soul) EVE=JIVE(live). A conversation where the relationship between the soul and human life are expounded. Others gods A-BRAHMA =ABRAHAM and his wife SARASWATI = SARA and it goes on. Vedic Aryans/Hindus gave the world concepts of TIME MATH LANGUAGE. Also English is an Indian language example MAN from MANU or IGNITE from AGNI God of Fire. Unfortunately for Hindus the Xians invaded Bharat and its true history (ITTIHAS) is lost today.

GOD can only be attained via SANSKRIT and Vedas

here's hoping the scientists will also get there soon