Sunday, January 17, 2010

Religion or Dharam

Religion is not some universal category or universal existent, so that all cultures traditions should have a a correspondence. Religion is only a Semitic construct that is their truth claim. Indian traditions have category of Dharma, that just means "support like mother and support is also measure". Dharma of "something" is that what supports that "something" and is also its measure of reality. That is why Dharma has Dharma. The Dharma of Dharma is "Sat" (i.e ultimate existence). (Again "Sat does not mean truth but existence.). Or we have Dharma Patni but no religious wife. All existents have Dharma but no religion.

So if we do not have a concept of religion (as it does not exit), then translating Dharma as religion is a disastrous error in understanding categories. With the outcome we are facing crisis of misunderstandings hence rejections of cultural traditions lock stock and barrel. One cannot study Physics without maths likewise to understand Dharam Sanskrit is pre requisite because the English language is an inferior tool.

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