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Myth Of Greece in the West

I was brought up by Colonial British Christian's in 1960's. My parents in their good wisdom thought education was good for me but unfortunately for me it was a Xtian education. My mother a devout Hindu started my journey to explore what was God.(Xians turned me away from my culture towards "science") In Summer of 2009 I visited Rome and its museums what I saw was that pre christian civilisation of Rome and Greece both Pagan were very similar to Hindus today.

I lay down some assumptions for my analysis

Indian is an English word; Hindu is a Persian word: Aryan is what we are called
Aryan language is Sanskrit country Aryavrat and date back 5000BCE and before
Aryans arose along the banks of the Saraswati in Pak Punjab Gujarat region.
Aryans the spread all the way to Ireland(Eire/Aryan) over time.

Aryans have 16 main sanskars they live and die by 1. Naming children 2. Marriage 3. Relationships eg father mother 4. Ayurveda was followed. eg women should grow their hair long men to cut thiers. and more the Hindus will know
They espoused Dharam of the VEDAS which dated back to an indeterminate period in time more then 10,000 years ago.


English is a Indian language
Maths deal in Hindu numerals
Although there are Xians today they follow above mentioned pagan rituals the took from.

Aryan gods some english words .......there are many more
MANU god of man = Man
AGNI goddess of fire = igneous (latin) = Ignite
A-BRAMHA = ABRAHAM (husband of above)
and the list goes on.... currently my latest favourite is the following sloka from
Mudkopunishad (thrutheeya mundaka mantra 1)

There are two birds on a tree one called ATMA and the other JEEVE the later is peckng at an apple while the other looks on.
this is the story of Adam(Atma) and Eve (Jeeve) note even the words are similar for they are Indo european.

The entire bible is a corrupt and degraded version of Upanishads while the English language is incapable of being exact unlike sanskrit.


1 The cult of Xians combined with the violent pagan Romans went on to destory all pagan(Hindu/Aryan) temples
2 Todays western history continues to peddle the falsehood of Greek Roman (Pagan) origins of western civilisation and here why
Greece era 800BCE to 100BCE Greeks disappered for good
Roman era 100BCE to 400 ACE Rome dissapeared for good
similarly Saraswati era 10000bce till today (as Hindus ) carries on
Arabs study and store all Greek writings 600ACE till 1200ACE
Europe is run by barbarians and Xians no civil soicety exsists 400ACE till 1200ACE

The BIG LIE by the XIAN church

Aristotle Plato Pythoragous Galen and all Greeks were translated from GREEK into ARABIC by Muslims around era 700ACE TO 1100 ACE

So from 400BCE till 1200ACE WESTERN CIVILISATION DID NOT exist nothing that is why they call it the dark ages.
Here is the big lie!!!! the Xtian church translated ARABIC writings into LATIN and in effect the Xians rediscovered their own roots back to the Roman empire. From then on all Roman Greek studies were revived and remember there was no country called Greece it was part of Muslim Ottoman empire till 1800ACE.
The BRITS being good Xians and violent to boot recreated a huge empire modelled on Rome(under which millions of peoples died) and was as brutal wanting to recreate former Greek glory invaded the Ottoman Empire (being Muslim) and completely destroying it by 1800ACE
In 30th August 1832 Britain France and Russia (all Xians) RE CREATED GREECE and drew its current borders in what is known as the London Protocol. Just as Israel and Pak have come into existence today. So they perpetuated the myth of the power of Greece and denied all Arab scholars their dues for bringing Greek thought to Europe via Andalusia southern Spain and all the Muslim centers of learning such as . Cordoba Granada etc. In-fact Oxford university was founded as a monastery to study theses Arabic texts in around 1200ACE this period in the West is called the Renaissance.

Hindus NEVER disappeared and all humanity stands to gain by spreading VEDAS back to former glory.
and that is why RIG VEG is today a UN HERITAGE DOCUMENT.

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