Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Maths the New Religion

We all have heard from the west about Einstein, Hawking, Newton, Galileo and others and many  accept readily what ever they say as the truth, science is about testing the truth and validating observations, and not many can argue with that, so why is western science in particular maths the new religion. The simple truth is mathematics was invented in ancient India as a practical tool for agriculture and navigation, (both used astronomy) it arrived in the west in 1202 via   famous book by an Italian Islamic scholar Fibonacci called "Liber Abaci". Medieval Europe was under the iron fist of the Catholic church, the language of learning was Latin,  the early "universities" where run by monks, the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, they still have that look today that of grand churches. These where strictly Christian institutions where all new knowledge had to be theologically justified as God's Law before it was taught.
The monks toiled to discover the creators perfect grand designs and mathematics was made fit this picture. They turned the purely practical Indian maths, into a complicated but theologically correct version. Ideas of Gods perfect creation, and his eternal laws is how maths is taught today, because maths  holds his eternal truths. Newton even proclaimed himself a prophet when he proposed his  "Laws of motion" . Today Hawkings writes on the origin of creation in a language (maths) ordinary people do not understand, we have to accept believe and have faith in the new edicts from the pulpit of Cambridge for they are the new eternal universal truths.

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