Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A reply on Indian History Part2

Mr Avari may be right that Moguls ruled India, from 1526 till 1857, but Mr Avari teaches at a UK University and that is a problem for me a student of Indian history, why? because the victor writes history, in this case the Moguls and the British. Indians or Hindus have yet to write their own history, poverty being one reason. But what writers like Mr Gandhi really mean is "Hindus" have been under attack since Islam was founded. "India" is a British term likewise "Hindu" is an Islamic term . The indigenous "Indian" term is ARYAN and has been so for 5000years. Aryans (pagans) are known as "Idol worshipers" by Islam and others. Mohamed was born a pagan (who's ancestors worshiped the crescent moon and the Kaaba(black stone), both attributes of Shiv a Hindu deity) set about converting the peoples of  Arabia in 630.  In 637 Zoroastrians of Iran fell to Islam, then the Hindus and  Buddhists of Afghanistan where decimated by 900BCE. So by 1526 many parts we call India, Kashmir,Pakistan,Bangladesh today, had fallen under Islamic rule. This is repeated throughout Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia both had a Hindu past. Mr Avari quotes from a British history of India and I won't disagree

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