Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Untold Indian History a reply

Mr Avari in "Historical Exaggerations" (AV 25th Jan 2013) wants to have his cake and eat it. He says " The British brought post-Renaissance and post-Enlightenment philosophy of Europe into India and helped introduce modernity" and ends with " It was not the Muhgals who trampled India's dignity, it was our good old British friends". Both are tainted with what Edward Said in his book "Orientalism" states as "the other", a western view of peoples of the East. Muslim rulers decimated Hindu temples as per Koranic verses and a holocaust of 80 million Hindus dead resulted, since their arrival in Hindustan (Islamic term), a mountain range named so (Hindu Kush). The Europeans sucked the blood out of their colony, be it the Goan Inquisition 1545, the Panipat 1761,Jhansi 1857-8, and Jallianwala Bagh massacres, or mutiny of 1857. Truth be Europe was lifted from its 800 years of dark ages by Islamic scholars, who combined the knowledge of Ancient Greece and Ancient Hindus. In particular Fibonacci in "Liber Abaci" (1254 ACE) introduced Hindu mathematics to the British, via the Italian Renaissance. More telling is when the US colonies fought free from the British King, in 1777 with descriptions of him as "destroyer, plunderer, waging war, death, desolation, tyranny" his defeated army promptly set off to "modernise" India according to Mr Avari and his chart, resulting in the cataclysmic decline of Indian GDP, well documented by Marxist Indian Histroy, leaving it in utter poverty by 1947, and only because they themselves were bankrupted by WWII. One thing Europe did teach India is do learn from your own history.

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