Saturday, June 28, 2014

Science and Hindu Dharma

There are problems with science those are pointed out in . We cannot live by science which is but a part of human intelligence or thought.  Math was "invented" by Hindu dharma which has no limit to its remit . At its heart in both math and Hindu Dharma is the concept of "Zero", non existence or soul. It cannot be discovered by science for it defines non existence and is beyond the five senses, a big failure in western science and thinking. The other is language. Sanskrit is the mother of English. Hindus or Aryans studied both math and sanskrit in the same manner not distinguishing between the two. Sanskrit is loved by western nuclear physicist because it deals with the reality we seek. Another one of many concepts of Hindu origin is "Atma" (soul) root of atom In-fact "atom" and "Adam" are rooted in "atma". Science came about because the bible did not provide or contain all the answers. Scientist of the west  like Newton Darwin where practicing Christians their motive to study science was to discover Gods perfect designs of the universe as set out in the bible. To day science still carries this christian baggage, famouse names like Hawkins being one, this is dissected by the Indian mathematician CK Raju I am not claiming to have any final answer but know enough science to say it does not have all the answers to the purpose and meaning of life. Truth is permanent, unchanging, infinite and fixed reality available now, science is permanent change, permanent questioning in the permanent search for reality.

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