Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ancient India and Ancient Greece

Generally an anti Hindu anti India article, Aryan Invasion theory has no evidence and has been debunked. Just as the PIE (Proto Indo European) language is looking for a civilization that has no evidence as well. The US is a christian country and India is Hindu and proud of it. Its civilization dates back at least 5000 years with an unbroken history preserved by Sanskrit. If anything the Western Greco-Roman history was lost between 400ACE to 1200ACE by Europe, until reinvented with the help of the church. So the Parthenon in Athens Greece was a Mosque for 300 years until the Venetians blew it up in 1657 killing 300 muslim women and children sheltering inside it, and that's when it lost its roof and is the building we see today. Modern Greece we know today was recreated in the  image of Ancient Greece, by the colonial British and French rulers, at the London Conference of 1832 and does not have a continuous history with Ancient Greece that described in Arabic texts, as translated into Latin in 1200ACE by the Venetians.

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