Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter to the Financial Times UK on Indian Elections

Your coverage of the Indian elections has been the fairest I have seen yet (17th May). While many in the western media have attacked Mr Modi's Hindutva credentials, I for one am proud of this aspect. While there are 52 Islamic nations  many Christian countries, David Cameron recently calling the UK a christian country and one Jewish state there are no Hindu countries in the world. Mr Modi was constantly attacked under the guise of secularism for his Hindu ideals and a perception that the Indian Muslim minority will be under threat if he was elected. What Muslims, Communists, Secularists and Christians fail to understand is religions have a founder, a god, a holy book and a time when it was set down, and divide peoples into believers and non believers. Hindus have no founder, no book, hundreds of gods, have been around since man began to think some 7000 years ago and do not divide populations, each individual is free to pursue his own calling and his own God. The problem Hindus face is when this freedom is under attack by the "religions" mentioned above. 

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