Tuesday, May 20, 2014

US China and India Relations

A suggestion to Shri Modi to learn from the China model. China has ignored the West and the US ever since Mao and the communist party defeated US backed forces of Chiang kai shek. It has surpassed India on many fronts and one driving factor has been the pride in Chinese language, history and culture. Historically both nations more are culturally aligned to each other than any western country. India never fought for her freedom Congress under Gandhiji was agitating since 1920's for freedom. It was only after WWII bankrupted Britain 1945 did they grant independence to India 1947. Indians where physically free from the British but still mentally enslaved. Many of the ruling elite today aspire to a English speaking British or American education, this now has to end. This election was won by a generation not whole educated abroad and now is a chance to promote Indian culture and values. India has survived without the US since independence, historically the US has been anti India and pro Pakistan so it cannot be trusted. Shri Modiji should talk to the US on his terms and not bow like the previous government.  The US and Obama can wait. Many NRI's may wish US UK relations to be good but that is not necessarily always in the interests of Indians and India.  

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