Monday, October 27, 2014

Indian History and the British

During first National parliamentary committee, all the Nationalists of India including Dr Ambedkar supported the Idea of making "Sanskrit" as the National Language of India, which was the mother of all the Indic and as well as most of foreign languages.

But, the resolution was stopped and pushed out by Pseudo-British Indian National Congress.. present day UPA Govt!!!
British main Objective was to disconnect present day India, to its glorious Ancient past and the best way to do was to destroy the backbone of Hindu Vedic Civilization i.e. Sanskrit.

British then introduced and pushed their language English on Indians and highjacked the Indian education system. 
They also misinterpret the ancient Indian scriptures like, Bhagwata Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and others... and distorted them such that, Indians should think that they are always been an Inferior civilization, and 
they also changed the flexible Varna System (Action and Duty based) to Rigid Caste System (tied to Birth) via social policies, governance and laws.

We have been taught that, problem of India is India itself and that Indian-ness must be changed for India to rise... but, the Britishers and our own Marxist and Islamist historians will NEVER tell you about the Ancient India and its Glorious past.

Recent studies have shown and documented (World Economy History, by Angus Madisson.. do some research on internet) that, from 1 AD till 1500 AD, India was the leading #1 economic power of the world and China was the #2, holding 55% of world GDP(combined).
During 17th Century, China becomes the #1 and India #2, but still these two countries were holding more than 55% of world GDP.

Again in 18th century, India surpassed China to become #1, holding 22% of world's GDP(India only).
It was during and after 1820, Indian GDP started to fall rapidly and till 1990, Indian GDP fell to 1.2% of world's share. Britishers looted and destroyed entire Indian civilization with in 100 years.

Now, for every sane and morally correct Indian, only "AN ENEMY" of our own Indian (Hindu) Civilization will say that, India and Indian culture is the problem and the cure is western or arabic culture...

We must IDENTIFY these enemies in Media, Government, Society, Intellectuals, etc..

We Hindus and Hindu Atheists (Ignorant secular), must try to learn and find out our own ROOTS and Civilization and we all must be ready to get up and fight for its protection and its very own survival or I should say its REVIVAL

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