Monday, March 11, 2013

Not English

Note to my brother who wants to read Dickens

An education is a means to earn money today, the English speakers have it, so you  dropped your culture and language, to learn English in order to gain money.Today many Gujarati villages are emptying into the US, none will quote Dickens or Shakespeare for the move, only more money as the reason. My hope is once they have the money they will give something back to their motherland, as the Jews do.

We are the children of Empire not of our choosing. So Algerians are considered sophisticated only when they converse in French and have attended a Grande L'ecoles in France, to speak Arabic is considered not so good(the French will agree!). Speaking of French, one of the best things the French language produced is Airbus the plane maker, Gaelic pride made them create Airbus Industries, the whole project uses French as the primary language, so next time you board an Airbus remember it was built in French in France. Other countries who have avoided the colonial mind set, China Japan and Korea all successful economies where nobody speaks English except in diplomatic circles. I meet Chinese businessmen in Kolkata who brought a English translator with them to deal with the Indians!
What language do you need to speak in order to 1. Grow food  2. Dig oil or gold, both these are basic to wealth formation.
ANS. Any language as long as you have the LAND, the British Empire did just that, in the name of all sorts  to Christianise Colonise Civilise the Black peoples and heathens ( that's me) it acquired vast tracts of it.   RESULT.    Australia double size of India with population of Mumbai (that makes them rich but not right or clever) Canada, New Zealand, USA, South Africa  etc. and that is why we speak English for MONEY

The Europeans had Roman numerals which where superseded by the far superior Hindu Numerals, for me there is a same difference between English (Roman numbers) and Gujarati and Sanskrit ( Hindu numbers) ie it is a step back in the development of a human to speak English, let me give a simple example, its difficult if you do not have knowledge of Sanskrit, and that where I will lose most if not all English speakers, to make my point.

Concept of MAN originates from the Hindu pagan God MANU and is written about in the MANU sasthras where all concepts of MAN MINE MIND ME MANU are connected and defined. Since English has no logical foundation and has lost its Sanskrit roots the words  MAN and MIND are not considered related nor even the purpose of the word MAN known , apart from as a NAME for a male human.

NAME:   from Sanskrit root Na-mahama,  NA =NO, MAHMA= ME,   means "NOT-ME" only God, in English this true meaning is lost, a truly retrograde step. The list is endless

Point is only you can promote "your" language and culture nobody else will so now is the time to start learning GUJARATI SANSKRIT AND HINDI and not Dickens nor Shakespeare surprise yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Well said; lived outside India most of my life. People find the extent of our colonization surprising. Spoke English exclusively for 40+ years. Now speak 4 Indian languages including Sanksrit, my mother tongue.